What Can I Use Instead Of A Wheelchair?

What Can I Use Instead Of A Wheelchair?

If a wheelchair in Dubai isn’t an option, there are many other mobility aids you can use. Knee walkers, mobility scooters, and powered chairs are all great choices, but you should be sure to look into the pros and cons of each before you purchase one. Read on to find out which is right for you. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide to use one.


A rollator is a mobility aid that allows you to sit rather than lie down. However, unlike wheelchairs, rollators do not have the strength to push a person. Most of them have inadequate back support and cushioning to make sitting comfortably. You may have to lean forward to propel yourself while using a rollator. In this case, a hybrid transportation chair might be better.

Knee walkers:

While a wheelchair is a good option if your recovery time is extended, a knee scooter allows you to maintain a better walking pace. Its stability will allow you to keep up with your children or your dog. Walking with crutches can be tiring and uncomfortable for some people, so a knee scooter is an ideal option for those who have trouble walking. A knee scooter also encourages the healing process.

Mobility scooters:

Mobility scooters are often a good choice for people who want to stay mobile but have limited mobility. They allow users to perform a wide range of activities, including shopping, social visits, and day trips. Because they are self-propelled, they can also provide physical exercise. Mobility scooters are also a good alternative to a wheelchair, as they are not restricted to the same space as a wheelchair.

Powered chairs:

A powered chair is an electric device that propels the wheelchair. Most power chairs have two larger drive wheels and casters for stability. Some power chairs have multiple drive systems so you can choose the one that works best for you. They may be more appropriate for specific situations, like a steep hill. The attendant-controlled power chair is a compromise between a traditional wheelchair and a powered wheelchair. It provides a smoother ride than a manual wheelchair but does not offer the independence of a powerchair.

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